Web Real Time Telephony

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What is click to call Web Phone?

Web phone click to call service allows your website visitors to call you free from any part of the world. This technology can be installed to your company's website with a very easy and simple steps.
Visitors of your website don't need to download any software or phone to make calls to your company. Web phone click to call service offers this voice calling capability to website operators - browser call. Now whether it's some huge e-commerce enterprise or a startup company. Simply select your plan and embed a "Call us" button onto your website. Visitors can click that button and call will be immediately forwarded to your landline, mobile phone, Gtalk, Web phone virtual phone or your SIP server. Free calls from PC to phone.


Web phone Network click to call works great for improving online sales with online phone and/or customer service. With Web phone click to call, you can increase conversion rates and sales volume while closing deals faster. You can significantly improve your customer satisfaction while optimizing the load on your contact call center.

No VoIP Clients needed:

Web phone is totally Web based. You do not need any kind of external VoIP Client, just a web browser using your Flash player or JavaScript. So simple and seamless! - Our plugin code HTML activates a telephony channel between your web site and your desired telephone number fixed, mobile or softphone offered. (customer service...)

Power Customer engagements:

Your potential customers will be happy to contact you using the Web Call routing. It is really simple to use and it is totally FREE of Charge for your clients! You can provide real time sales assistants.

Emails and Newsletters:

You just need to add an hyperlink on your email signature or newsletter, so to redirect your prospects to the Web phone Web Call widget. Simple and Effective! This new technology of Web Real Time Telephony ideal for Call Center, customer care and online support and assistance with Live help.

Survey and Customizations:

Web phone rout can be customized according to your needs. For instance we can fit the web widget to call an IVR so to press the buttons 1 to 5 for selecting survey options and more.

Enterprise and Retail Social Integration:

Web phone can be suited for the most popular CMS (i.e. WordPress, Joomsocial, Drupal, etc...) so to offer a multiuser web site experience. Each Web instance is logged and managed as a dedicated instance, so to get the best performance in a social multi-users environment.

Customer Care integrated:

Using Web phone together with the DeskManager solution, you will benefit from a Web Real Time Communication SIP Channels routing to your customer care and call center software.

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